Household Energy and Emissions Calculator

The household energy and emissions calculator can be used to closely estimate your household energy needs and costs. Please fill all the form fields below for instant computed results.

Latest News

Soft Launch of Lagos Energy Calculator

On Thursday, June 19 2014, LSEB soft-launched and tested its new mobile app, the Lagos Energy Calculator at the Co-Creation Hub in Yaba. Previously only available online as the household energy and emissions calculator, the Lagos Energy Calculator is a critical component of the Energy Conservation initiative by the Lagos State Government to increase energy awareness and conservation in Lagos. Using the calculator, users can closely estimate the amount of energy their home consumes and then take steps to conserve energy and reduce wastage.  

The Lagos energy calculator is FREE and available for download on the itunes, blackberry and android stores. Please visit www.lseb.gov.ng/app to download.

Public Lighting Projects

Lagos State has the largest number of well maintained public lighting network in the entire country. By the end of this year (2013), the Lagos State Electricity Board will be maintaining over 316KM of public lighting in 227 locations across the state which is a stark contrast to 2007 when only one location (Awolowo Road, Ikoyi) had functional street lighting.



Report a Missing/Broken Street Light

Please use this form to report all missing and/or broken streetlights in your neighbourhood.